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We are on this journey with you and we care about your goals as if they were our own. Schedule a call with a coach to help you lay out your plan and take that first step towards being a healthier, happier you!

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Schedule a consult with a coach to discuss your specific goals and coaching needs. We want to get to know you and help see how we can best coach you!


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We give you the roadmap to the results you want that is unique to your needs and timeline. Each athlete has a different path. We meet you where you are at to take you where you want to go!


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Enjoy as you begin to feel healthier and happier than ever while you knock out your objectives and live your best life! We are on a mission to make everyone their fittest selves!



When you decide to get fit – whether that’s losing the last 10 pounds, dropping the first 50 pounds, conquering your first 5K or Spartan Race, or finally getting out of pain, you want a gym that’s as dedicated to your goals as you are. And that gym is definitely us. Book a call so we can learn what is important to you and get you started.

You'll start by talking to a coach 1-on-1 to define your goals, rather than being thrown into an intimidating group class on your first day.  Your coach will create a custom plan for you, combining our coach-led classes, 1-on-1 training, nutrition, and accountability coaching.  We focus on transforming your habits at the foundational level so that we can help you make REAL CHANGE and make sure you can keep on track towards a healthier and happier you.  

To get started or learn more, click on the link below to sign up for a free 10 minute discovery call.

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Joining FitTown means you become a part of an entire culture of people who are driven towards living a healthy lifestyle, who are supportive of your goals, and ready to celebrate your success along side you! 


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We are here for you whether you want to get your joints out of pain, learn new skills, lose a few pounds, or improve your overall health. Our team is certified and dedicated to getting you wherever you want to go.


[ Mindset Shifting ]

They say we are all just the sum of our habits! So we work hard to help you shape the habits and mindset you need to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. 

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"I have been learning so much this summer with guidance and support from the entire FitTown family. I am thankful for the awesome people, great and challenging workouts, and the good energy that radiates throughout the gym!"

Elora F.
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"When I walked into my first official CrossFit class, I was very nervous but felt more comfortable knowing Tony had put me through all the paces to make sure I wouldn’t hurt myself. I think that’s a testament to the time and energy I put in, but also that of the coaches and staff at FitTown. I still have a lot goals in front of me that I need to obtain, but I am proud of where I’m at and who I hang around with"

Timothy S.
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"Really amazing workouts that are never the same, phenomenal coaches that really know their craft, and encouraging members that welcome newcomers in. Have loved my time here and look forward to every workout. Love that they have incredible childcare as well!"

Erika L.