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We want the whole town to be fit and that starts with our youth! At FitTown Jupiter we work with children in various programs ages 6-15 years old and teach them the fundamentals of movement, but it is much more than just a fitness program. We have a "whole-child" approach that really gives kids confidence, builds character, and allows them to have fun while doing it!

So many of our kids are involved in sport specific practice without building the base of strength and body awareness needed to keep them safe through to adulthood. Our FITKids program focuses on building in those basic movement patterns that are necessary for kids to thrive in group and individual sports, but it can also be their own individual sport as well! Many of our kids are now year round FitTown Jupiter athletes.  We keep the work load to age appropriate limits for our pre teen athletes while challenging them to higher level skills like pull ups, handstands, rope climbs, etc.

Our classes are session based so you can choose to enroll in specific chunks of time that fit your busy kid's schedule and sport seasons.


FitKids and FitTeens Age Groups

6-8 year olds - Monday and Wednesday at 3pm

8-12 year olds - Monday and Wednesday at 3pm 

FitTeens 12-15 year olds - Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm 



ALL GROUPS WILL HAVE THANKSGIVING WEEK BREAK OFF + Teens and 6-8 Group will not run during the month of December

For ages 6-8 (Coach Tony's group) will resume January 2nd 2021

For FitTeens ages 12-16 (Coach Austin's group) will resume January 2nd 2021

For ages 8-12 (Coach Melissa's group) December Sessions will only be held on Mondays and Wednesday (2x per week) and run a 4 week session from Nov 29 - Dec 22nd - This 4 week session will be $99/child

For kids ages 5-8 email

For kids ages 8-12 and Teens email

- FitTown Jupiter Team


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